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Wes Hauch is a monster on the guitar. As a member of The Faceless he cut an imposing figure of shredsmanship. As touring guitarist with They Art is Murder he fit right in. You’ve seen his great pickup demo videos and if you’re no doubt waiting with excitement for his forthcoming collaboration with Keith Merrow. And now he’s joined Black Crown Initiate. (“It’s a really rare and awesome thing if you’re able to find a group of dudes that you can genuinely get along with,” Wes says. “It’s even more rare if your musical tastes and goals are congruent. I can definitely say that’s the case right now in Black Crown Initiate and I’m very grateful.



Andre Nieri was admitted to the most renowned music conservatory in Brazil and graduated with a degree in Jazz and Brazilian Music. In 2011, he won the "French Guitar Contest." "Andre Nieri’s major influences are: Tom Jobim, Bach, Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, Eric Johnson, SRV, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Landau, Wayne Krantz, Guinga, MarcusTardelli, Raphael Rabelo, Brett Garsed, Nelson Veras, Hermeto Pescoal, John Petrucci, Chris Potter, John Coltrane, Messiaen, Pat Metheny, Pat Martino... and the list goes on and on"...



New York–based drummer JP Bouvet is a chameleon, but even that seems like a limiting term when you consider the range of drumming styles he executes exceptionally well. His band Childish Japes rocks hard and dabbles in jazzy grooves and beats primed for rappers, with enough slick kit work for the fusion heads to notice. But he’s also the drummer for Generation Axe, a traveling circus of guitar heroes from the 1980s and beyond. And then there’s his online educational presence, where he steers clear of explaining beginner material, instead focusing on his unique perspectives on rhythm and craft.



Formed in Boston in 2000 by frontman Dave Davidson, extreme metal band Revocation soon earned a reputation for unleashing some of the genre’s most potent, technical and abrasive metal.

Davidson developed his ferocious guitar skills by attending the Berklee College of Music, where he focused on polyrhythm and jazz.